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Galileo cucina

A close up picture of Galileo, the new kitchen mixer with innovative swivelling spout of FIMA Kitchen division, designed by Bertone Design Studio. Here is shown the version in black chrome finish with the black hose. It is characterized by aerodynamic and bold lines and has the aim to create a kitchen mixer that combines an unique and distinctive design with high functionality and ergonomics.

Galileo, a revolution in the kitchen by FIMA Carlo Frattini

Design Bertone Design/ Divisione FIMA Kitchen

FIMA Carlo Frattini Kitchen Division unveils Galileo, the new kitchen mixer with an innovative swivelling  spout, designed by Bertone Design.

It features aerodynamic and bold lines typical of the automotive sector, a distinctive trait of the Studio.

Galileo takes inspiration from the shape of Galileo Galilei’s telescope, hence the name, with a futuristic interpretation that creates an original and minimal design.

The result is a kitchen mixer that combines an unique and distinctive design with high functionality and ergonomics, fil-rouge of Bertone Design and Fima Carlo Frattini’s projects.

Galileo has three main components, engineered to make the movement easier and to improve the performance in the kitchen: the base, the core  and the swivelling  removable spout.

The body is inclined forewards to improve performance and to allow Galileo to fit perfectly to every kind of installation and  sink.

The wider base enhances its elegance and allow for easier installation on all worktops.

The core is the control center of the mixer. Positioned at the top of the base for easier use in everyday situations, it has a clean and elegant design.

The handle, extremely simplified, gives a minimal and contemporary look with the option of a distinctive pin lever that is included in the packaging and can be easily added if  consumers opt for it. The pin lever has the same finish as the flexible hose, a unique touch to every detail.

The core swivels to allow consumers to change the direction of the flow and the position  of the handle.

The swivelling spout is attached to the side of the core by means of an innovative magnetic system that allows a comfortable and safe inclination  of the spout. Depending on the size of the sink and on its depth, the spout can be positioned to the best inclination for the best performance.

The flexible hose gives an extended mobility to the removable spout. Its length is fixed but it can vary and  be set  based upon the wishes and the needs of the consumer during installation, improving once again the performance and the comfort.

All these distinctive features make Galileo an extremely functional product to everyday use that fits perfectly to the domestic setting. Not only, efficiency allies with stylistic research and Galileo enhances the kitchen space thanks to its futuristic look and many configurations.

The rich variety of options is given by the multiple combinations of finishes between body spout and flexible hose. Galileo is available in several galvanic finishes, chrome, black chrome, brushed black chrome, and in matt white and matt black colours. The color of the flexible hose changes based upon the finishes of the body. In matt white and matt black it creates a total look while with all galvanic finishes it is black to create a materic contrast, in combination with the pin lever.

Galileo is offered in FIMA Edition One a limited edition of pieces in the version matt black colour with the unique red hose, a strong detail that reminds to Fima’s brand identity and suggests to the automotive trait of luxury sportive cars.

It gives a memorable experience and creates a new interesting  scenario in  the evolution of kitchen tapware. Fima Edition One is offered to a selective number of customers, it’s identified by a unique serial number and an elegant packaging expressely.

Galileo becomes  the protagonist of the kitchen, signed by a world famous Design Studio, combining  strong aesthetical appeal with efficiency and comfort in everyday use. It gives a memorable experience and creates a new interesting  scenario in  the evolution of kitchen tapware.