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FIMA Carlo Frattini - Switch

In the picture SWITCH, the new wide and complete shower system of FIMA Carlo Frattini. It is a one-of-a-kind item in the industry from functional as well as design point of view. It allows to turn on the water flows by simply pushing an infinity-edge button on the corresponding outlet.


Switch by Fima Carlo Frattini: a small button, great functionality

Design Davide Vercelli

An innovative sustainable, aesthetically appealing shower system, perfect example of the philosophy that binds Fima Carlo Frattini and the designer Davide Vercelli: that SWITCH, a brand new product of  Fima Carlo Frattini, synonymous with engineering competence and innovative capacity in the taps and fittings sector.

SWITCH is available in three versions: built-in, shelf and column.
In the built-in version of SWITCH water flow is activated by placing them at the outflows. This SWITCH can be installed in two ways: by placing standard components on a  seperately sold built-in wall unit or by creating a bespoke unit placing the components specially chosen by the client within the shower unit.

In the shelf and column versions the SWITCH technology is situated inside the mixer.  
Its sheer, sophisticated style has a dual functionality. In addition to holding all the controls on the front panel it is also a pratical shelf which can be embellished with different finishes such as various types of frosted glass or light or dark marble.



The column version with its slim, minimalist external pipe connecting the mixer to the showerhead is especially suitable for bathroom rennovations. As it can be attached to all the standard showerheads in the Fima Carlo Frattini range it gives designers and customers a vast selection to choose from.

SWITCH by Fima Carlo Frattini was developed to provide the contemporary client with a third choice in addition to functionality and beauty. The idea of a bathroom system which offers both sustainability and design.