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Cloud showerhead shower

In the image, showerhead Cloud version with ceiling arm, where white cover reflects the white LED strip fixed at the top of the head, the shower thanks to its rain shower effect is a relaxing experience . The product has been awarded with the Design Plus Award for ISH 2015

With the showerhead Cloud suggestions and a sense of wellbeing in the bathroom

Design Meneghello Paolelli Associati / Divisione FIMA Wellness

Cloud, the shower head of FIMA Carlo Frattini, signed by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, is characterized by a light profile, sinuous and elegant which gives it an original aesthetic, offering moments of total relaxation in the bathroom.

The concept is characterized by the presence of two different levels of size and shapes: the first is the shower head itself, the second is a total chrome plate or 2 colors to choose among the black or white covers, where the light shade is a reflector of red and white LED lights fixed in the upper part of the head giving a further effect of wellbeing.

Three types of installation:

 with steel cables at sight

 with ceiling arm of two different lengths

 with wall arm

Dimensions: 400x500 mm (overall dimensions)

Made of stainless steel, Cloud is extremely functional and easy to install without any wall support or build in parts, representing a perfect solution for installation into existing bathrooms. Not only but also the valuable antibacterial properties, the high gloss and resistance to limestone over time are other important pluses.

Cloud has won the prestigious international Design Plus Award of ISH 2015, promoted and supported by the German Design Council, for its attractive design, innovative materials, and production sustainability.