Desks and workstations

Modern desks and workstations are a perfect mix of elegance and practicality. Every detail is designed to ensure an excellent experience of study and work. Some models incorporate sound-absorbing panels to ensure maximum acoustic comfort, while others have an electronic mechanism to adjust the height of the work surface and seat with one click. From the corner desk to the desk with bookcase, from the floating desk to the escritoire, here is an overview of the whole range available.  

Corner desk

Among the most popular models are corner desks, which provide a large work surface even in a room with limited space. A corner desk can be positioned to make the most of every available centimeter. And if it is larger, it becomes the perfect solution for dividing the space between several people, for example in the case of teamwork or use by a number of family members.

Desk with bookcase

The desk with bookcase is a perfect way of joining two objects into one. They have built-in shelves and ledges, arranged above or next to the work surface, to store books, documents and everyday objects such as pens, pencils and notebooks. To offer a further organized workspace, furniture of this type often comes also as a desk with drawers, to offer a tidy storage space that is always at hand. 

Floating desk and folding desk

A floating desk (or “Murphy desk”) can be closed away when not in use, so freeing up space and keeping the room tidier. These desks are usually designed to be wall mounted and are generally placed in a bedroom to create a smooth work area in a compact space. Another type of space-saving desk is the folding desk which, unlike the floating desk, can also be easily repositioned.

Office desk and bedroom desk

Among the most popular models is the office desk and the bedroom desk. Office desks often have electric sockets, USB ports and mobile charging ports for convenience during work hours. The different models range from the most solid structures to the simplest lines, from a curvilinear design to squared geometries to satisfy every taste. The study desk is designed to provide a functional and comfortable space for children and teens. Often they are multifunctional models, which can be folded away to recover space in a bedroom.


Escritoires are minimalist and often compact. They are usually designed as a basic practical support for occasional writing, not prolonged work. Despite its essential nature, a modern escritoire, in its contemporary stylistic form, can become a refined and elegant feature of interior design.

Desks: design, ergonomics and fantasy

Modern desks never forego practicality, while also favoring aesthetic qualities. Among the different materials available, the wooden desk remains among the most popular for a natural and timeless style. Luxurious and graceful, the glass desk is favored by those who wish to give lightness and elegance to an interior. As for the colors, among designer desks most in demand is the black desk, which has always been a symbol of a professional and sophisticated furnishing style.

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