The office goes versatile at the “supersalone”

Al “supersalone” l’ufficio diventa versatile

Smart-working has helped turn furniture solutions hybrid, with desks for the home and sharing systems in the office. How has workplace design changed? We look for the answer among sixteen previews of items coming to the Fair 

Home office solutions, versatile furniture suited to both work and home, modular and customizable systems designed for the emerging needs of “liquid”, smart, remote (but not only) work, with the onus on sustainability and high-quality materials… Companies are showcasing their products at the “supersalone”, heralding a step change as elements increasingly become interchangeable. Here are some sneak previews. 

Arper, Kinesit Met (Pav 04, Stand D 02) 

An evolution of the Kinesit seat designed by Lievore Altherr Molina, now available with metal finish armrests and new materials, colours and textures. Designed for new ways of working, Kinesit Met offers greater flexibility, adaptability and scope for positioning. 

Arper, Kinesit Met

Arper, Kinesit Met

Caimi Brevetti, Snowgem (Pav 02, Stand G 11) 

Designed by a+b (Annalisa Dominoni and Benedetto Quaquaro), this sound-absorbent panel system literally “slips” onto different types of structure: totems, modular partitions, ceiling and wall modules. 

Caimi Brevetti, Snowgem

Caimi Brevetti, Snowgem

CUF Milano, Fusion Green (Pav 03, Stand F 26) 

The office furniture system John Bennett and Sakura Adachi designed in 2018 now comes in a green version: its partition panels, made out of bioplastic manufactured from coffee waste by Krill Design, purify the air thanks to the Natede system developed by Vitesy. 

CUF Milano, Fusion Green

CUF Milano, Fusion Green

Estel, Squid (Pav 04, Stand H 08) 

Francesco Favaretto’s Squid Home Office desk is part of a series of products the company designed for the home environment from a professional standpoint, with ergonomics, certification and safety their inspiring principles. 

Estel, Squid

Estel, Squid

Fantoni, Meet Up (Pav 04, Stand F 01) 

A collection spawned by new executive space needs, less “individual”, more dedicated to moments of being together, with an eye to home comfort and decorative choices thanks to the outgoing personality of Calacatta or Noir marble.