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Estel: since 1937, a history of design and innovation

Estel's is a story of attention to product quality and customer care.

A story of industrial intuition and artisanal intelligence.

The story of a family, a place, an all-Italian way of being Smart.


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Estel Group is one of the oldest and most successful furniture manufacturers in Italy; today the company stands out as the leading Italian company in the office furniture market. Established in 1937, from its beginning in home furnishings, in 1980 Estel progressed to the office furniture industry, firmly positioning itself amongst the major players in the market: today, its modern and sophisticated office lines are the core business of the company.

Driven by a strong belief in quality and innovation, Estel products have always been 100% Italian made. The company combines the highest standards of Italian workmanship with the best, most cutting-edge technologies in the industry, with two 70,000 square meters industrial plants and more than 350 workers.

After a long experience in the home world, in 1980 Estel entered the office sector, bringing the same care, ergonomics and idea of ​​comfort to the workplace that had previously been reserved for domestic environments.

Since 2014 Estel has started a research and development path on the evolution of the office world: from a manufacturer of desks, seats and walls, the company has directed its mission towards a new concept of hybrid and multifunctional working environment, aggregating various functions such as hospitality, individual work, sharing desk, meeting and relaxation in a more domestic atmosphere.
A constant commitment, devoted to an improvement in the use of work environments, which led to the creation of the Italian Smart Office concept: in practice this has resulted in numerous co-design paths alongside large customers, aimed at creating workplace where operational, executive, comfort, coffice and hospitality areas can coexist side by side within an interconnected system that guarantees users freedom and well-being.
In this scenario, attention to acoustic comfort has inevitably played a fundamental role: this new approach has had as its axiom the improvement of open space environments, layouts where acoustic solutions such as walls and Collaborative Rooms are indispensable.

The new challenge linked to the Covid 19 pandemic will be to improve well-being, safety and productivity also for the many remote workers: thanks to its know-how in the office furniture sector, without forgetting its origins in the world of home furnishings, Estel has developed a series of products that blend well within the home environment. Aesthetically pleasing solutions but with a professional background: ergonomics, certifications and safety are in fact the inspiring principles of the new 2021 proposals.
If in 2014 the engine of change was to extend the comforts of the home to the world of the office, in this new context the goal is to improve the productivity of those who, by choice or necessity, find themselves working from home: we have renamed this approach Italian Smart Office Everywhere because we strongly believe that with the right tools the alternation between working in presence and working remotely can become a pleasure and not just a necessity.

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