Voices from the companies that make up the Salone del Mobile.Milano


Divano Saint-Germain, design Jean-Marie Massaud​

CEOs, creative directors and heads of marketing and advertising discuss the present and the future of the sector, as well as their ambitions, social commitment, strategies and performance. Facts and opinions, straight from the horse’s mouth

Jan Kath rugs: modern design and traditional methods
From techno music to handmade rugs: the German designer Jan Kath’s passion stems from far away and now sees him travelling the world, visiting fairs and showrooms, garnering prizes such as the Red Dot and the Carpet Design Award, his work fuelled by atypical inspirations and exhibited in the world’s leading museums.

01_JanKath_Tenno_Poms_137A1150_by Zhu Di

JanKath Tenno Poms by Zhu Di

More-So, Moroso’s adventure into collectible design
Patrizia Moroso discusses the birth and the future of the company’s division devoted to freer experimentation. Limited editions informed by the dialogue between design and other worlds.

02_header_moroso 1

Lo Shoreline Ottoman delle Front per More-So.

Reflections, illuminated, with Davide Groppi
Projects, fairs, legends and seemingly impossible challenges. The lighting designer lets us into his thoughts and poetics.

03_Davide Groppi

The r-evolution, pop and artistic commitment of PJ Natuzzi in the family brand
A new collection that is both fit for a king and a fitting response to the changing patterns of everyday life.

04_Pasquale Junior Natuzzi Ph Alberto Zanetti

Pasquale Junior Natuzzi Ph Alberto Zanetti

Valeriano Barchiesi talks about Irpac, the luxury craftspeople
We met Valeriano Barchiesi, CEO of Irpac, to find out more about a dynamic business specialising in tailormade kitchens for the international contract channel.


Courtesy Irpac

Orhan Niksic on Zanat and 360° Sustainability
Craftsmanship, a love of wood, high-level engineering skills to make objects built to last, and environmental impact, all with a focus on community and cultural heritage: we talk to Orhan Niksic, CEO and founder of the Bosnian brand, established in 2015.

6b_Orhan Niksic racconta Zanat _H_Courtesy Zanat

The De Castelli approach, according to CEO Albino Celato
High-tech combined with expertise... Albino Celato, CEO of the Veneto-based De Castelli company, founded in 2003, is preparing for the next Salone del Mobile.Milano, which will be more open, sustainable and visionary.

06_De Castelli Header

De Castelli, Burrraco Ph. Credits Alberto Parise 

Carola Bestetti shares her recipe for restarting Living Divani
Face to face with Carola Bestetti, CEO of Living Divani, discussing resilience, progress and a desire to grow.


Living Divani Gallery. Ph. Credits Francesco Caredda

"MDF Italia, pushing to the limit" says Marco Cassina
With the 60th anniversary of the Salone fast approaching, Marco Cassina, Marketing & Communication Manager of MDF Italia, gives us his impressions. Values to be respected, a huge desire to experiment and rediscovering a sense of community.

08_MDF Italia showroom

MDF Italia showroom, MDW21

Eleonore Cavalli talks about the beauty of Made in Italy
The period of change, the desire to restart, the creative director of luxury brand Visionnaire talks about the “supersalone” experience.


Poliform: an interview with Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani
A joint interview with the three founding partners of the Brianza-based company, ahead of supersalone: the company philosophy and its values, the development of the brand and their outlook on the market.


Divano Saint-Germain, design Jean-Marie Massaud​

A face-to-face with Alessandro Minotti. “Our vision? Harmony between product and environment”
A chat with Alessandro Minotti, General Manager of Minotti S.p.A, ranging from market performances to the new digitally-presented collection, the importance of the product and the emotion of home living.


Sistema di sedute Sunray, Rodolfo Dordoni design per Minotti

CEO Matteo Galimberti sums up Flexform. which misses the Salone del Mobile.Milano very much indeed
The new products in the collection in September, the digital revolution, a new way of looking at the home, and 160 employees who represent the core strength of the company.


“The Salone, a unique microclimate”, the words of Giovanni del Vecchio
Amidst memories and analysis, news and emotions, a long-awaited return for the Brianza-based company founded 123 years ago. Poetic and ironic, Giovanni del Vecchio, CEO of Giorgetti, tells us about it.


Barbara Minetto: design revolution
The digital revolution and the eternal youth of the design world, the Salone as a moment of celebration and sustainability as a mindset. The wonderful world of Magis, straight to the point.


Living, as told by Giulia Molteni: ideas, projects and the home
An obsession for quality, design as the added value in the competition stakes, and a nose for the future. "In Molteni we have everything".



The Lago System. “The future is a train with several drivers.”
The digital boom, the pandemic and #iorestoacasa, optimistic entrepreneurs, designers in crisis and a dearth of heroes, Daniele Lago discusses his vision of a rapidly changing world.

7 January 2022