Poliform: an interview with Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani


Divano Saint-Germain, design Jean-Marie Massaud​

A joint interview with the three founding partners of the Brianza-based company, ahead of supersalone: the company philosophy and its values, the development of the brand and their outlook on the market.

Now more than 50 years ago, right in the heart of the Brianza Furniture District, cousins Alberto Spinelli, Aldo Spinelli and Giovanni Anzani turned the family business set up in 1942 into the company Poliform – a modern industry founded on ethical and human values. On the eve of supersalone, we discussed past, present and future with them.


Cabina armadio Lexington, design R&D Poliform e Jean-Marie Massaud​

How has Poliform interpreted the supersalone theme?

It’s been interesting and stimulating interpreting Stefano Boeri’s brief. At the press conference, all the companies were asked to rethink themselves, as regards the usual display requisites that we are familiar with during the week of Salone del Mobile.Milano, thinking not in terms of square metre for stands but in linear metres.

How did you get on with this new approach?

We tried to figure out the best way of illustrating our lifestyle concept, we dug deep. After many questions, we began to build a philosophy, we tried to work on how to bring a new vision and a new life to our furnishings. That’s why we decided to take the project we gifted ourselves to celebrate our 50th anniversary as our starting point, the one curated by the international photographer Paolo Roversi, and showing it at supersalone.

What did it consist of?

We asked Roversi to interpret the way in which he saw us, the company and its products. Or rather to apply his modern vision to Poliform’s traditional artisan production. The images were then gathered into a book - Time, Light, Space, curated by Rizzoli, and available from an international circuit of bookshops.

How did you manage to turn the publishing project into an exhibition?

We tried to make a multimedia representation of Paolo Roversi’s narration. An immersive project will bring to life the linear wall provided by the Salone, allowing visitors to explore, experience and hear for themselves the path the brand has taken over the last 50 years. We are proud of having been able to convey and communicate our values to the outside world, in a different manner.

A major transformation in the digital world too.

The pandemic has helped our sector - a bit of a juggernaut - to speed up some of the processes that already existed. This allowed us to accelerate our procedures, not just internally, with live streaming conferencing tools, and to speed up our communication. We made major investments that will be evident at the start of the supersalone event, during which we decided to narrate this step change.


Cabina armadio Lexington, design R&D Poliform e Jean-Marie Massaud​


Cassettiere a vetrina​


Tavolo Henry, design Emmanuel Gallina​


Tavolo Henry, design Emmanuel Gallina​

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile
Covid has also had positive repercussions.

Many projects took shape during this period. We laid down the bases for the next few years. What happened helped us to focus much better and to acquire a broader business outlook.

What are your thoughts on the direction the President of the Salone, Maria Porro, is taking?

We’re pleased that such a young person has taken up this role. A completely different outlook was perhaps the only way to go because it meant a new departure in terms of timing and content. Being so disruptive was the only solution. Her decision to involve the city, to depart from previous logics, was a brave and successful one, it allowed the companies to shrug off their negativity – when supersalone was announced we were still in the red zone – and gave them a new lease of life.

What will be the latest innovations from Poliform?

Over the last few months, Poliform hasn’t stopped, we’ve continued to present and communicate new products to our distributors. We wanted to send a message of continuity in terms of research and design; we didn’t want to still be chained to the timescales dictated by our sector. The market is driving and leading sales, we’ve launched a lot of products. We will be bringing out new products for September that will be featured in our city centre showroom.

The pandemic has perhaps imposed a different order of priority. How can we bring about change?

Companies have adapted and so has the end user. It will be interesting to see how things have changed, how we have evolved. The message we wanted to convey to our network was one of reassurance. We are a company made up of people. Human value is fundamental for us.


Librerie Lexington bifacciali, design Jean-Marie Massaud​


Cucina Alea Pro, design R&D Poliform​


Cucina Alea Pro, design R&D Poliform​


Cucina Alea Pro, design R&D Poliform​

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30 August 2021