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Ante Aperte del sistema a scomparsa

Phantastic_The Laundry is the proposal that combines the Phantastic wardrobe system and an internal laundry zone, thus managing to combine the most essential design with maximum functionality.

Personalize your space: that's Phantastic!

In this case, doors with tall units in Noce Caracalla finish hide modules, shelves and units in Alcene Antracite, customizable according to needs, that allows you to design ad hoc solutions optimizing the available space. A further plus of this system is, in fact, the possibility to choose its size: tall units can be single - with just one door- or double with three or four doors. All in a refined balance between aesthetics and functionality.

armadio a scomparsa
armadio a scomparsa
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Its own name already suggests the essence of this novelty, because it is formed by combining two different terms ‘phanton’ and ‘fantastic’, to indicate something hidden and then surprisingly revealed.
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Product description
Wardrobes with retractable door (single and double) that fold on themselves, thanks to the folding opening.
Extremily clean lines thanks to push & pull opening.
Dettaglio ante pieghevoli
Product name

Phantastic_The Laundry


Aran Cucine