Tabu Biodiversity Wood-post-it GR.016

Category: Coatings

Tabu Biodiversity Wood-post-it GR.016

Industrial inlay rich in natural motifs with unprecedented iridescent combinations of wood species.

Industrial inlay with matching of the natural dyed “mosaic” veneers, technique enhancing biodiversity in the use of many emphasized wood species: all this becomes a great kaleidoscopic game, rich with natural patterns with an innovative matching between different wood species.

The Biodiversity industrial inlay was born from the idea of ​​enhancing waste and unsold products: the use of "second" raw materials of 12 different wood species as inputs to the production process emphasizes the attention to the issues of circularity and sustainability.

The circularity of Biodiversity is based on the following characteristics:

- "Design for Remanufacturing", ie the restoration of a product such as to have performance characteristics similar to that of a new product

- Use of secondary raw materials: the use of materials recovered from other internal production processes

- Enhancement of waste within the production process

In the LCA analysis there are different values ​​that express the impact of a product on the environment, including Global warming, measured using the principle of the equivalent Kilograms of carbon dioxide generated during the life cycle, "from the cradle at the gate ".

1 sqm of Biodiversity inlay produces 3.81 kg CO2 equivalent: an extremely virtuous value.

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