City Vibes RTX.00.360

Category: Coatings

City Vibes RTX.00.360

Multilaminar veneer (cm 65x250/306) in which squares and rectangles appear to alternate visually, according to studied geometric dimensions and proportions, inspired by the urban world.

CITY VIBES (design by Federica Citterio and Williams Pompei). Multilaminar wood veneer winner of the Contest IdeasXwood, Professionals category. The Jury awarded it “for the figuratively innovative proposal enhancing the technical and aesthetical possibilities of TABU multilaminar technology, by obtaining a texture of striking graphic elegance and expressive force based on only two clashing colours of  wood essences”.


City Vibes is a multilaminar wood veneer in which, visually, squares and rectangles seem to alternate, according to designed dimensions and geometric proportions. A dynamic, fine and elegant pattern at the same time.

City Vibes is inspired by the urban world, by the city context that, due to its nature, is dynamic, always moving; by its vibrations (hence the name City vibes) and constant different stimuli (for this reason the squares and the rectangles are of different dimensions) following each other without stopping.

It is a multilaminar wood veneer that for its essentiality of shape can be used  in all the  typologies of  urban interiors (from  hotels, to retail spaces to houses) and not only: City Vibes perfectly matches every creative choice and it can be used where you want to add a dynamic touch; always controlled, geometric and at the same time  sophisticated and elegant.