Ellissi GR.021M

Category: Coatings

Ellissi GR.021M

In this panel (cm 126x306), four targeted essences are repeated: Tobacco-colored Eucalyptus, Honey-colored Ash, Lati and Oak. All inspired by a correct balance of metal and wood.

In this panel the lines are put next to each other and complete a similar one on each side of the drawing: it is a “stripped” Kandinsky. Four targeted essences are repeated: tobacco-tinted Eucalyptus, honey-tinted Ash, Lati and Oak. All the geometric shapes present elliptical and oval lines: that is the complexity of the decoration, every shade rises or falls, the eye loses itself in a complicated game of lines. Everything inspired by a correct balancing of metal and wood, the metal line describing an S highlights the sequences, as a cut in the middle of the canvas recalling Fontana. The metal triangle is a tribute to a long tradition from Picasso to Durer. It is an optical starting point: by turning the composition and matching the panels you create a very wide geometry.