Bolivar Moss Green SK11

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Bolivar Moss Green SK11

Primitive and source of vital energy, nature in its essence,
Skeens Moss Green brings the decorative vertical green
to a new dimension (cm 60x300).

SKEENS TABU BOISERIE- Combining the soul of nature in a single product. Imagining that the mysterious depth of a forest or the cosy nature of a garden can be evoked by an innovative thin sheet of flexible decorative wood. We are in a new dimension of the project. Bolivar Moss Green is freely inspired by the Saihoji, one of Kyoto’s best-known gardens, commonly known as the “Moss temple”; pure certified and sustainable wood with delicate green veins offering us the possibility of designing environments conveying a sense of naturalness and serenity typical of Zen gardens.

TABU, Italian excellence in dyeing wood veneers, presents SKEENS: a new vision of the boiserie with a thickness that is almost zero.
Light pre-varnished wood sheets (natural dyed and multilaminar wood veneers), obtained with a special system that allows the customer to glue them directly on wall, doors, overlays and panels.
TABU wanted to choose only FSC® certified and sustainable wood species such as Bolivar, Eucalyptus, Larch, Walnut, Oak, Lime tree, wood species coming from Europe or North America.