Punto - Glitch PX.00.362

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Punto - Glitch PX.00.362

Multilaminar veneer (cm 65x250/306) that incorporates the straw mosaic technique, a specific traditional artisan inlay technique.

PUNTO (design Clémence Plumelet) is a multilaminar wood veneer inspired by the Italian heritage: the aesthetic aim is to incorporate the Italian secular exquisite technique of the straw mosaic in today’s industrial design.

The straw mosaic is a specific technique of traditional handmade inlay diffused in Italy in the past centuries. This techniquereproduced the cross stitch embroidery of that time and its square stitch patterns. Searching for contemporary rendering of this technique, Clémence Plumelet has worked with Tabu to develop a completely new material with a fresh and modern method and aesthetics. Together, they have used the principle of the 2D straw  mosaic as a  basis for the innovation of the 3D design of the wood blocks. In this way, the past creations can continue living in new projects.