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Twiggy Wood Sospensione

Lightness and poise meet the warmth of wood in an elegant ensemble.

A classic can be updated only through a daring reinterpretation of tradition: this is the path taken by Twiggy, which for its 15th birthday has received an unusual combination of two different materials, taking on a new character. An incredibly thin wood diffuser is combined with a flexible carbon fibre stem, giving rise to an image of surprising elegance: Twiggy Wood.

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The typical lightness of this lamp with its sinuous forms is thus enhanced by a new materiality. The natural, warm, familiar look of wood gives Twiggy a different personality, making it perfect for settings designed to create an elegant, refined atmosphere with a softer, more relaxed approach.

twiggy wood sospensione
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The new Twiggy Wood suspension lamp is remarkably versatile, bringing the warmth and appeal of wood into a wide range of contexts. It is perfect above a table, in a bedroom, kitchen, living area or entrance, but also in high-image spaces. Twiggy Wood suspension provides intense downward lighting, while spreading an upward ambient glow. Thanks to its slim lines, the Twiggy Wood floor lamp is ideal for a wide range of placements. It is perfect near a sofa, in living, dining and reception areas, homes or public venues.

Designed by
Marc Sadler
twiggy wood
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Product description
Floor and Suspension lamp for direct and indirect lighting. The diffuser is made by overlaying two sheets of blanched durmast oak. A bamboo ring with a thickness of several millimetres is placed on the upper and lower parts of the diffuser to reinforce the circumference. The decorative stem is in composite material on a liquid-coated fiberglass base.

Limed durmast wood, fibreglass coated with composite material, PMMA, polycarbonate, painted metal and aluminium.
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Twiggy Wood


Marc Sadler



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