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A precious special edition for a design classic

Created in 1990, Lumiere has represented the embodiment of the design philosophy of Foscarini and the vision of Rodolfo Dordoni: harmony between tradition and innovation, decoration and technique. In Lumiere, the combination of two materials of different sensorial impact like glass and metal suggests a space not of boundaries but of relations, where the opposites – emotion and technique – are able to meet. In that space, Foscarini has constructed the originality of its language, and Lumiere has grown up over time, becoming a true design icon. Icons stand out for their adaptability, ready for renewal without altering their identity. In this span of 30 years Lumiere has taken on many different colours and finishes, and today – in its full maturity – it can dare to take on a new look, thanks to two historic glassblowing techniques that enhance the glossy white shade.

lumiere 30th ambientata1
lumiere 30th ambientata2
lumiere 30th ambientata3
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In the Pastilles version – by means of blowing the incandescent paste into a special diamond-pattern mould – the glass displays the classic faceted pattern (known as “ballotton”) which gives the surface a perceptible threedimensional texture. The use of a mould with points, on the other hand, generates the glass of Lumiere Bulles, with a myriad of tiny air bubbles encased between layers of glass. For both versions, the base is in champagne colour aluminium.

lumiere bulles
lumiere pastilles
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Lumiere 30th provides warm, intense diffused light. It is a lamp that emanates refined elegance, on or off. It is versatile and adapts to the widest range of settings in terms of style and taste, for both residential and contract applications.

Designed by
Rodolfo Dordoni
Lumiere 30th maestrie
Lumiere 30th scheda tecnica
Product description
Table lamp with direct and diffused light. Cased glass diffuser with glossy finish. Tripod base in die-cast aluminum finished and polished by hand and liquid painted. Anti scratch silicone feet. On / off switch on the transparent cable or with dimmer (dimmer only for 220/240 version).

Blown glass and painted brushed aluminium

Bulles, Pastilles
Lumiere 30th scheda tecnica
Product name

Lumiere 30th


Rodolfo Dordoni

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