Sun - Light of Love

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Sun - Light of Love

Sun - Light of Love stands out in space with its geometric but simultaneously fluid, organic character.

Like the sun with its molten, unfathomable contours, Sun–Light of Love has no precise beginning or end: 390 metal rays are grafted onto the central body of this suspension lamp, giving  it an indefinite form which the gaze reassembles into the image of a sphere.

 The two colour finishes set the tone: the gold  brings out is precious spirit,  while the white blends into more nuanced, minimalist contexts.

Sun - Light of Love suspension gold, design Tord Boontje

Sun - Light of Love sospensione oro, design Tord Boontje

Sun - Light of Love suspension white, design Tord Boontje

Sun - Light of Love suspension white, design Tord Boontje

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Sun - Light Of Love is a theatrical presence that adds vivid personality and charisma to any setting, making the lamp ideal  in the home, but also in reception areas and high-image zones, such  as the entrance to a large hotel, or in retail facilities where it becomes a “signal” that boosts recognition of otherwise neutral contexts.

Designed by
Tord Boontje
Sun - Light of Love
Sun - Light of Love
Product description
Sun–Light of Love is a lamp of high decorative impact, but without ostentation. It has a double light source – a precise beam directed downward, and indirect, diffused lighting aimed upward – making it ideal to light a room, or to create a cosy atmosphere around a table. The unit is formed by 390 rays in cold-formed steel, mechanically attached to the central body. All the metal details of the lamp are powder-coated in matte white or matte gold.

Powder-coated steel and aluminium

White, gold
Sun - Light of Love
Product name

Sun - Light of Love


Tord Boontje



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