Nature, abstraction, fresh outlooks: a glimpse of what’s in store for rugs and carpets at “supersalone”


Campiture by Elisa Ossino for Amini 

Sensitive interpreters of our taste in domestic living, rugs and carpets are taking on the themes driving today’s world. From the input of women to the resilience of the natural world. 


A visual stimulus to accentuate the pleasure of being back home. That’s not all: if rugs have been an integral part of our lives for millennia – representing the same concept and structure of home as for nomadic peoples – it’s also because this object, with its ancient soul, continues to express all its modernity today, soothing our bodies with the feelings that arise from contact with its material  - [perhaps we no longer need them at a time of increasing digitisation?] – and telling stories that bring inspiration and motivation for the future.  

The novelties presented at “supersalone” in the rug and carpet sector perfectly embody this dual ability to speak of an ancestral past yet interface with contemporary life. This applies to cc-tapis (Pav 02, Stand H 10), the Italian brand with a French heart and Nepalese manufacturing, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this year with three new extremely inspired collections. With the first of these, Venus Power, Patricia Urquiola has launched her rug/manifesto, an invitation to rediscover feminine qualities and potential in terms of energy and empathy. Then there are the Muller Van Severen duo with Ombra, a return to three dimensional optical effects, and the Italian artist Edoardo Piemattei, whose Dagallà – a name inspired by the Arab “dag allah,” “saved by God” – speaks of the resilience of the saponaria plants that spring up in the landscape around Etna – a paen to life and its capacity for regeneration.  


CC-tapis. Photo by Claudia Zalla 

Illulian (Pav 01, Stand D 04) was also inspired by nature; the new rugs in its collection - The Cloud by Studio Fuksas and Veneer by Arik Levi – express the wealth of natural microcosms, with intriguing abstract patterns inspired equally by the airy nature of the sky and by the overlapping layers of the land.  


The Cloud by Studio Fuksas for Illulian 

Flamboyant is also intricate and eye-catching; the German brand Jan Kath (Pav 02, Stand O 12) is inspired by the Baroque period, and its Savonnerie Surprise evokes the luxuriant botanical drawings found on the walls of Parisian homes of the 17th century and artisan objects. The use of plants and flowers is not citationist, however, but integrates and features flat colours and iridescent details, turning the rug into an actual mental space in which different impressions and emotions combine.   

Jan Kath

Jan Kath 

The brand Amini (Pav 02, Stand J 24) is premiering two collections at “supersalone.” The first, signed by Elisa Ossino, is called Campiture and is a formal exercise centred on the lightness and subtraction of the geometric composition formed by the intersecting lines. The second, RD Gris, was designed by Rodolfo Dordoni as a tribute to the Spanish painter Juan Gris, whose Cubist spirit plays out through a careful study of the material impact of the artist’s favoured palette of colours.   


RD Gris by Rodolfo Dordoni for Amini 

The latest offerings from Sarhai (Pav 01, Stand C 14) at the fair were also inspired by the art world: the work of the German artist Christian Hetzel inspired the Tranquillity collection, an invitation to switch off and slow down in the spirit of the “less is more,” formal and lifestyle philosophy. This is accompanied by the new Strati collection by Russian designer Mike Shilov, which forms part of the Designers Selection Collection, with its bold overlapping colour combinations that draw the eye in, in pursuit of ever-changing outlines.  



Essential and linear, the distinguishing feature of the Danish brand Linie Design (Pav 03, Stand C 11) is its reprisal of Scandinavian design heritage, which it interprets with new sophisticated details. In the new Dimensuous collection, the designer Urd Moll Gundermann revisits the classic rectangular format and creates abstract compositions reworked in soft, appealing colours. Kymo (Pav 04, Stand M 05) has also gone for simplicity with the Melting Point collection, boasting seductive metallic finishes, enlivening the iridescent colours with small tone on tone variations, while the Retro Lounge collection dusts off flokati, the classic shaggy Greek rug, for a contemporary update, in this case made with wool from New Zealand.  



Melting Point, Kymo

Melting Point, Kymo. Visualization by 3Designedly Architectural Visualisation Studio

Salone del mobile Salone del mobile

The latest products showcased at the fair also include those specially aimed at the contract world. One such example is Nanimarquina (Pav 02, Stand B 23) with The Formula Contract, a flexible solution that can adapt to any large-scale project, with a possible 250 combinations, five models and 30 colours. An online configuration service will be available as a support and accurate assessment tool for designers, enabling them to test the potential and performance of the carpets.  



12 September 2021