Technogym Kettlebell

Category: Gym and fitness


Ergonomic design and high-quality materials are what distinguish Technogym’s Kettlebells. Perfect for building your body’s strength and explosiveness.

Comfort and optimal use

The shape, the diameter and the handle’s smooth finish ensure both a secure grasp and total comfort during swings. The textured rubber coating makes it easy to keep your grip on the bell.

Kettlebell 3

Tough and safe

Technogym’s Kettlebells are designed to last over time. The polished stainless-steel handle is resistant to rust and corrosion, while the ultra-strong rubber is shock absorbent and protects floors.

Kettlebell 4

Functional movement for the whole body

With an off-set center of mass, Kettlebells give you the advantage of building strength, stability, coordination and power all at once. Snatch, swing and clean & jerk are just some of the many exercises and movements you can do with Kettlebells.

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