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Opinion Ciatti - Hercle

Hercle, the collection of tables and coffee tables designed by Lapo Ciatti for the Salone del Mobile 2024, was created with the intention of combining the timeless charm of ancient Greece with a avant-garde and ecological cork-based finish.

With the Hercle collection – an Etruscan variant of Heracles chosen to honour Opinion Ciatti’s Tuscan roots – the myths and symbols of Greek columns are revived in a functional key. The aluminium structure reflects the strength and durability of ancient columns; its design evokes the elegance and harmony of classical architecture; finally, like the Greek hero, the table of the same name defies gravity by supporting large cantilevered tops with a central column (single or double depending on the size of the top). An example of imperishable beauty, Hercle is also an expression of the research and innovation that characterise the work of the Ciatti household. In fact, the Hercle tables and Herclino coffee tables that make up the collection express their uniqueness thanks to the Corkcrete finish, a special ecological hand-applied mortar resulting from the combination of cork and water-based natural resins. Totally recyclable, Corkcrete is perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces, guaranteeing not only high resistance to atmospheric agents but also great comfort thanks to its thermoregulating properties. The result is a surface that is never too hot or too cold, providing extraordinary tactile sensations.

Opinion Ciatti - Hercle
Product description
Aluminium table with central or double base, for indoor
and outdoor use. Available in four shapes (round, square,
rectangular, oval) and 10 sizes.
Material finishes: Corkcrete in beige, grey or taupe.
Matt finishes: white.
Glossy finishes: gold leaf (indoor use).
Note: the application of the Corkcrete and gold leaf finish is
handcrafted, each piece is therefore unique with variations in
Product name



Lapo Ciatti


Aluminium, Cork

Square: 110 x 110 x h 74 cm
Round: diametro 110 cm x h 74 cm
Rectangular: 200/250/310/370x 110 cm x h 74 cm
Oval: 200/250/310/370x 110 cm x h 74 cm


Designed by
Lapo Ciatti
Opinion Ciatti - Hercle