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Opinion Ciatti - Oodh

An invitation to go beyond the surface and explore further

An object of pure functionality that becomes the bearer of profound meanings. Oodh is a mirror conceived as a portal, inviting you to go beyond what appears reflected, in search of meaning and authenticity.

Oodh is inspired by the journey that designer Lapo Ciatti undertook in Cambodia to discover its fascinating culture and sophisticated Khmer architecture. Standing in front of the famous temple complex of Angkor Wat – compared for its harmonious shapes to the most remarkable constructions of ancient Greece and Rome – he was so impressed by the large stone portals whose succession gives life to infinite corridors that he decided to replicate them into a design object.

Oodh was designed to reproduce precisely these massive doorways. It is in fact a large floor mirror without a lower frame, with the shape of a portal rather than that of a traditional mirror; the rest of the frame hints at the bas-reliefs surrounding the great doors of the temple: a succession of concave and convex shapes, where each groove has a precise symbolic reference inspired by ancient divinities.

Oodh is a design object that stays true to the concept behind Opinion Ciatti’s products, that of ‘spices and sauces’ for different spaces, of furnishing accessories with a pronounced identity capable of giving a unique touch to any room with their discrete yet intense beauty. Not a spice, in this case, but a fragrance: Oodh, synonymous with Agarwood, is a resin that forms on the Aquilaria trees typical of Southeast Asia and, for its highly recognizable aroma, it is used to produce exquisite incense and fragrances.

Made of extruded anodized aluminium, it is available in three sizes and two different finishes (silver and brass). The mirror is secured to the wall through a simple hooking system, while a back panel guarantees stability, safety and impact resistance.

Designed by
Lapo Ciatti
Opinion Ciatti - Oodh
Opinion Ciatti - Oodh
Product description
Floor mirror with three-sided frame made of anodised extruded aluminium.
Opinion Ciatti - Oodh
Product name



Lapo Ciatti


Aluminium, Mirror



width 58.5-81-135 cm
h 190 cm
depth 7 cm