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Plena takes from the full moon its name, the form and a light that makes people fall in love.

Plena is a cradle that contains a light source, though the latter, like any true essence, is invisible to the eyes. A synthesis of form and function, performance and poetry, Plena is perfect for both domestic and commercial spaces. Its image changes, depending on the vantage point: it is a lamp that thrives on solitude, above a table, but also on repetition in vast areas like halls or large shopping areas.

Designed by
Gargioni, Albouy
Foscarini — Plena
Foscarini — Plena
Foscarini — Plena
Foscarini — Plena
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Two elements balance each other, performing a design gesture with an almost poetic intent: the lunar disk becomes a plume, thanks to the arched line that conveys a sensation of lightness and flight. The fabric is magical: it embodies the form like a solid, yet requires no reinforcement, no muscle, for its perfectly natural gesture. Like a sail in the moment it is filled by the wind.

Foscarini — Plena
Product description
Like the fascinating light of the full moon: reflected on the surface below, or spreading toward the ceiling thanks to a special high-reflection fabric. The lamp brightens the whole room with its soft, enveloping presence, completely free of glare. Large in size, but light and dynamic.
Foscarini — Plena
Product name



Eugenio Gargioni e Guillaume Albouy

Production process
Varnished PVC and aluminium.


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