Miroir - Bespoke Flatware collection

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Miroir is available in 8 patterns and 4 different finishes : Silver-Plated, PVD Gold, PVD Cooper, PVD Black.

Miroir flatware is the unique result of a synthesis of two exceptional fields of French expertise, executed by Ercuis’ master silversmiths and by the last French workshop to practice the complex art of guilloche, or engine turning.


Guilloche is a decorative technique that appeared in the 16th century, consisting of engraving motifs onto materials. This produces delicate, geometrical patterns a tenth of a millimetre wide. The technique requires extreme precision, the expertise of master guilloche workers and proficiency in a gesture handed down from generation to generation.

A true work of art, the guilloche technique has enabled Ercuis to create diverse and refined decorations to embellish the handles of its Miroir flatware. The absolute mastery of silver plating, assembly and polishing
operations by our master silversmiths, before each piece is stamped, allows us to certify their prestigious origin and is guaranteed by the Ercuis maker’s mark.

Thanks to this exceptional know-how, which has no limits other than those of the imagination, we are able to offer fully customisable flatware.

To create your customised flatware, you can choose the handle from among 8 available designs, then select one of 4 shades (silver, gold, black, copper) for the top part. Just combine these different options to
create the customised flatware of your dreams!

The Ercuis design department receives requests every day from discerning customers who wish to acquire exceptional pieces especially designed to suit their homes. Each request fires our designers’ imaginations, and they do their utmost to meet these specific requirements. If you would like to compose a design yourself, based on elements of your own décor, we would be delighted to examine any specific requests.