Latitude - Petits fours stand 6 small dishes

Category: Accessories

Latitude - Petits fours stand 6 small dishes

Latitude is a best-seller of Ercuis, and can also serve as a decorative object. It is beloved for its elegance, its lines and its solidity.

A collection of elegant and practical table accessories in stylish and timeless designs. Delicate pieces enhanced with a fine silver thread, ideal for serving food and condiments at the dining table or buffet.

Latitude collection was initiated by a brief from Alain Ducasse who wanted a display for toasts at the bar of the Hotel de Paris in Monaco. The main creative direction was the need for a vertical object, the opposite of the usual trays, and an object easy to carry. The collection was designed upon one creative theme: the bird cage.

Collection: Latitude
Material: Silver Plated
Ø 6.3 inch, H 7.87 inch
Ø 16 cm, H 20 cm