Treca Paris

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Tréca, a French manufacturer of top-of-the-range bed-ensembles and partner in your furnishing and decoration projects. More than a mattress or a bed, Tréca offers a lifestyle, an art of living and even an art of sleeping.

Partner of your development and decoration projects: rooms, complete villas, guest houses, hotel projects, master suites, yachts, jets...

Because our consumers simply want the best, Tréca is committed to accompanying them by offering them a tailor-made experience for their sleep and the decoration of their bedding.

Our beds reflect a true art of living, a French know-how and a French way of being and sleeping, which we have mastered for generations to give our customers even mor unique sleep. 

Our collections are inspired by the great Parisian palaces but also the greatest designers from all over the world, by the best craftsmen and workers, by all the French tradition and know-how recognised throughout the world.

A sleep that invites you to escape, to travel... Tréca, the art of the bedroom.