Vienne Venise

Collection: Paris

Category: Mattresses


A treasure is a precious and rare object: the models in the Paris collection are perfect examples. These high-end mattresses with integral quilting are completely hand-made.

Semi-firm, Firm or Very-Firm support – 

Comfort : Dynamic

Height: 29 cm

Tréca is increasingly committed to offering products that respect the environment and your health. The exclusive design, patented by Tréca, is designed to reduce chemical components and increase the proportion of natural ingredients.

Pocket Air Spring® suspension and 2 layers of mini pocket Air Spring® suspension

An iconic suspension for gradual contact adapted to all morphologies, perfect sleeping independence and true point-by-point support. Thanks to the 3 layers of pocketed mini-suspensions, the body is in perfect harmony with the mattress for unique comfort.

Handmade integral tufting

A step in the mattress confection conducted exclusively by hand to guarantee exceptional long-lasting comfort.

Winter side: 3 200gr* of wool and polyester, 640gr* of french wool, 1 280gr* of thermoregulating wadding, 640gr* of wool and camel wool, and 640gr* de wadding

Soft and supple, camel wool quickly absorbs moisture. It keeps your body at a constant temperature, all night long, for micro-awakening-free sleep.

Summer side: 3 200gr* of wool and polyester, 640gr* of french wool, 1 280gr* of thermoregulating wadding, 320gr* of linen silk cashmere, 640gr* de wadding

The combination of cashmere linen and silk provides a pleasant refreshing sensation, the perfect ingredient for a good night's sleep, with no micro wakes.

In summer and winter:

Wool acts as the body's natural air-conditioning for ideal thermal comfort. This fiber naturally prevents the proliferation of dust mites for healthy, restorative nights.  


Ticking TP06NF 64% Viscose - 36% Modified acrylic 

Upholstered band and embroidered top

8 embroidered handles and 4 aerators

Naturally compatible with relaxation bed base


French linen ticking option

Supple shoulder area option

Recommended Bedbase

Grand Confort Paris

La Maison Tréca

Maison Tréca embodies the French way of sleeping thanks to the heritage of master craftsmanship handed down since 1935.