Beau Rivage

Collection: Riviera

Category: Beds


The new symbol of elegance. Beau rivage and Belle vue are the two mattresses in the new Tréca collection. Inspired by the houses of haute-couture, the collection combines elegant finishing with the comfort of the greatest palaces on the Riviera.

A mattress that respects the environment. Beau Rivage benefits from the patented neo design and favours natural materials. To go even further, no polyurethane foam is used.

All-weather comfort

Beau Rivage offers all-season comfort, meaning the mattress no longer needs to be turned over when the seasons change.

A hotel feel

The Beau Rivage mattress is lightweight, making it possible to recreate a carefully prepared bed, just like those found in the finest hotels.

With pillow-top mattresses, mattresses with or without toppers, you can enjoy a made-to-measure sleep worthy of hotel comfort.

The ticking of the Beau Rivage mattress:

The Riviera collection stands out even more visually thanks to its ticking.

This is a real skill, requiring great precision on the part of our master craftsmen, as it has to be perfectly positioned in the centre of the tray.

Height: 32 cm

Closures : F/TF

Comfort: Enveloping

Air Spring® pocket springs

Natural materials such as Arles merino wool

Full cushioning