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The quintessence of Tréca know-how and the exclusive use of luxurious materials come together in the Couture collection.

Semi-firm, Firm or Very-Firm support -  

Soft Comfort 

Height: 35 cm

The Air Spring® pocket spring suspension

An iconic suspension for gradual contact adapted to all morphologies, perfect sleeping independence and true point-by-point support. 

Handmade integral and lateral tufting.

Represents the quintessence of Tréca savoir-faire. Only 3 of our craftsmen are able to perform this complex technique, because it requires several years of experience. The border tufting provides perfect support from edge to edge of the mattress and the spring structure. The tufting of the top: a large needle crosses the mattress on either side at specific points to partition the materials and obtain a perfect hold of the materials, a guarantee of lasting comfort.

Winter side materials: Natural Talalay 4 cm, 1,920kg* Royal Alpaca (or : Choose between Baby Camel, Baby Lama, Silk, French Linen)

Noble, rare and meticulously chosen, the fiber of the Royal Alpaca stores a lot of air, its insulating property is 7 times superior to sheep's wool and has exceptional thermoregulating qualities to plunge you gently into dreamland. 

Summer side materials: Natural Talalay 4 cm, 1,920kg* Mérinos d’Arles Wool (or choose between Baby Camel, Baby Lama, Silk, French Linen, Royal Alpaca)

Mérinos d’Arles is an exceptional wool. Its name is synonymous with high quality due to its appellation of origin. Seven centuries of history have transformed this wool into a fine, curly, supple and light fleece. Breathable, it brings you the necessary coolness in summer and soft comfort in winter.

In summer as well as in winter:

Natural Talalay can adapt to all sleeper morphologies and positions. It is the perfect cover for people who sleep on their stomachs and sides, it offers a uniquely soft contact.


Hand-upholstered border: Fully hand-finished after over 24 hours of work, the side upholstering consists of creating hundreds of points of contact between the mattress edge and the spring structure, providing perfect support over the entire mattress. 

Semi-layered pattern on the top ticking

Top ticking (CC19) and border (CCB19) 90% viscose and 10% linen

Embroidered top: option to embroider your initials

8 embroidered handles and 4 aerators

Double 100% cotton sleeve and double stitching: for mattress strength


French linen ticking option

Recommended Bedbase

Grand Confort Couture

La Maison Tréca

Maison Tréca embodies the French art of sleeping thanks to the heritage of master craftsmanship handed down since 1935.