Topper Couture

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Category: Mattresses

Topper Couture

Mainly because of the natural Talalay, the Couture mattress topper will give you unbeatable sumptuous comfort.

Loft: 10 cm

Option: French linen ticking

Offset repeat motif on the surface ticking, ticking 90% viscose and 10% linen (CC19).

The ticking is silky and the look is elegant.

Embroidered surface and 4 handles.

A practice that has been perfected by Tréca creators.

In winter: 2 cm natural Talalay, 800 kg/m2 Baby Camel:

A rare and precious species, Baby Camel wool is prized for its resistance to extreme cold: the wool is renowned for its abundance, quality and warmth. Our Couture mattresses are made from the wool obtained from the first shearing. Besides being warm and resistant, this wool is incredible fine and soft.

In summer: 2 cm natural Talalay, 800 g/m2 Silk:

Light and pleasant to the touch, Silk lets the skin breathe during heatwaves and heats up in winter. While this fibre is the finest of natural fibres, it is also as solid as steel (with the same finesse) which makes it an exceptionally long-lasting padding material. |In summer or winter, Talalay natural latex adapts to all morphologies and sleeping positions and offers a plush sleep surface. 

It’s also possible to choose from among the following climatic options: Baby Lama, French Linen.