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"Tonon & C. Spa. "

Ours is a story of family, of territory, but also an intercontinental story, without borders.

Our story dates back in 1926, when Alberto Tonon "Knight of the Realm" founded the company based in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the municipality of Manzano. A territory specialized in the art of manual weaving and woodworking

We started from wood too, but we never stopped: today we are in the fourth Tonon generation and we create modern and contemporary products, in a plurality of different materials

We collaborate with international designers to create always original solutions, suitable for different destinations: the residential world, offering functional products which meet the personal taste; the contract sector, offering a personalized production thanks to the know-how of the people working in Tonon, able to adapt with experience materials and shapes, without sacrificing functionality, comfort, ergonomics and aesthetics. 

Ours is a local production, which pays attention to the national and international certifications of the furniture sector, respecting high quality standards. We produce products that last over time, with an aesthetic taste that never tires.


"Tonon & C. Spa. "


"Tonon & C. Spa. "

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"Tonon & C. Spa. "


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Over the years, the research dedicated to the use of different and innovative materials, has led TONON to the application of the integral polyurethane, a reference material throughout the collection called "Soft Touch".

The material already known in the automotive sector for the production of components such as the internal dashboards, has been declined and applied in the development and production of shells for our models, giving us the chance to create a full collection which is constantly integrated with new realizations.

Sustainability means the characteristic of lasting over the time: this material, due to its composition, is a winning ally for constant, daily use. Sanitization means finding fast and effective solutions to make environments safe both in the HORECA world, as well as at home. The composition of integral polyurethane prevents the proliferation of germs and bacteria,  passing the bleach resistance test, it is suitable for fast and effective cleaning.