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From an idea by Albano Poli in 1960, Progetto Arte Poli and Bertone Design present Decumano

Progetto Arte Poli is a workshop that has been making stained glass windows, bronze sculptures, mosaics and marble artifacts, and frescoes since 1953. Techniques and works of great tradition, which today reveal extraordinary innovative potential.

Progetto Arte Poli and Bertone Design: excellence in dialogue to renew made in Italy

The innovative thinking of Bertone Design meets the great tradition of art and craftsmanship of Progetto Arte Poli. Decumano is the first result of this collaboration between Italian excellences, aimed at the creation of unique artifacts. Quality of design and exclusivity of materials find their full enhancement in the workmanship, which is extremely careful and capable of flexibly integrating the customer's requests. A dialogue between different experiences and professionalism, united in the same sensitivity for beautiful and well-made things. 

Following a countercultural vision, as in a Renaissance workshop, Progetto Arte Poli unites arts, and therefore different ideas and craftsmen, materials and skills, in one place. A choice that has allowed the workshop to arrive today at an exceptional mastery of traditional techniques, together with the possibility of experimenting with original and innovative applications.

Fresco technique

Wall painting

Bucolic fresco under construction

Wall painting

Wrought iron gate under construction

Wrought iron gate

Life-size preparatory drawing of a bronze fountain

Full-scale sketch for a bronze fountain

Detail of bronze fountain depicting herons in flight

Detail of a bronze fountain

Sample warehouse of blown glass sheets of different colors

A small part of the company's glass warehouse

Mosaic in honor of Marco Simoncelli being worked on

Marco Simoncelli in the mosaic portrait created for the foundation of the same name

Detail of bronze well with relief decoration of putti and floral festoons

Detail of a bronze fountain

Plasticine models for making bronze sculptures of female figures

Full-scale models for casting bronze sculptures

Modeling a blue stone dowel for making an artistic dowel

Cutting a stone block for an art mosaic

Stained glass art painting

Painted and engraved artistic stained glass window

Stained glass art painting

Painted and engraved artistic stained glass window

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