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The kitchen is the place for getting together, socializing and sharing. To fit it out properly with the kitchen furniture, cabinets and drawers it is important to know the different offerings available, take into account the spaces and decide what style we want to give the setting. Below we present several ideas that can be recreated by selecting the kitchen furnishings on this page.

Classic style kitchen furniture: a timeless charm

A traditional kitchen sideboard, a display cabinet and an impressive dining table are the essential elements of a kitchen with a retro taste, but always timely. With design solutions, even the classic style takes on a refined and exclusive character.

From the largest kitchen cabinets to the smallest kitchen storage unit, every element in this style conveys warmth, order and coziness. The favored material is wood in its different shades, often combined with marble to lend further natural charm. Favorite colors are ivory, cream and beige and pastel shades in general. For the flooring, parquet is a choice in keeping with the furniture to create a family atmosphere. 

For the classic kitchen, natural lighting is generally chosen. This means elegant glazed surfaces or large windows completed with curtains in soft colors. 

Industrial kitchen furniture: balance and modernity

There are also kitchen furnishings that recreate the elegance and modernity of industrial style. Metal components, distressed wood, minimalist design and functionality are the characteristics of this style inspired by the 80s. Generally cold-colored single kitchen cabinets are here combined with contemporary and versatile islands and peninsulas. The shade most commonly chosen is black, applied to different elements, from the hob furniture to modular kitchen fittings, stools and taps. It’s the perfect style for cutting-edge solutions such as a retractable table for a kitchen with less space. 
The industrial-style kitchen favors concrete flooring, tough and capable of creating a uniform setting. Concrete is often chosen also for the worktop or island. The walls can be enhanced with exposed brickwork and pipes and the ceiling usually has exposed beams made from wood or metal. Pendant lamps or metal spotlights complement the lighting. The result of this style is simple yet it makes a definite aesthetic impact. 

From wall-hung units to space-saving kitchen cabinets: the minimalist style is born

Kitchen cabinets aiming at a minimalist effect favor linear forms and often no handles. This style evokes an immediate effect of lightness in an interior. In this type of furniture, we find built-in appliances to maintain the linear style of the kitchen bases, cabinets and space-saving kitchen units to have everything at hand in the most compact space. Minimalist kitchen furnishings adopt durable and practical materials such as stainless steel. As for the colors, white predominates, sometimes combined with delicate shades like earth, beige or ocher. 

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