NVL Table

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NVL Table

NVL Table, a mono-material table, with contemporary lines and characterized by a strong personality, reveals its extreme elegance in any environment.

Designed by
Jean Nouvel Design

NVL Table è il progetto firmato dall'architetto francese Jean Nouvel per MDF Italia e che ne prende letteralmente il nome.
I caratteri distintivi della sua architettura si manifestano pienamente in questo tavolo ed esaltano gli elementi stilistici che da sempre contraddistinguono il lavoro di Jean Nouvel: forme geometriche pure, leggerezza formale, graficità, rigore.

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The central support is composed of two volumes that thin upwards and create two symmetrical bases that support the top, thus recalling the principle of trilith, a structure consisting of two vertical elements supporting a third element set horizontally across the top. The top, thin and light, seems to float above the base, creating a play of balance and contrast.

NVL Table has received the EDIDA - Elle Deco International Design Awards - in the Furniture category, one of the most important international awards.

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Product description
Each table mounts bases of different sizes and types.
Table 74 cm high and available in the round model (diameters 150 or 180 cm) or the oval model (W200 or W250).

The bases, undertop flange and top are always monochromatic, lacquered or faced with the application of 3 mm slabs, in the variants:
- matt lacquer in white, black and red
- glossy lacquer in white, black, red and coral red
- materials in the variants reconstructed black Ebony marble, reconstructed white Carrara marble and reconstructed stone
- reconstructed stone white Calce and reconstructed stone black slate.
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Product name

NVL Table


Jean Nouvel Design



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