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MDF Italia - Press

Press: visual and tangible feeling of comfort.

Designed by
Benjamin Hubert

The Press chair epitomises research in seating design. “When working with any material,” comments designer Benjamin Hubert, “we like to push its potential to the maximum.” 

The result of two years of development, Press is named after the production process that allows complex shapes to be obtained from a three-dimensional veneer. 

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The curvature not only makes the body stronger while keeping it light, but also offers a visual and tangible feeling of comfort. The wood also emulates the shapes of upholstered seats, revealing the design’s innovative nature.

MDF Italia - Press
Product description
Its polished and minimalist body is designed to stand the test of time and to fit into both residential and contract contexts, with a focus on the hospitality sector, including hotels, bars and restaurants. It can be combined with different types of bases, including legs made of curved wood, butterfly-shaped or stackable steel tube legs.
MDF Italia - Press
Product name



Benjamin Hubert