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Tense Material: a tables system with material finishes that convey unique tactile sensations. 

Designed by
Piergiorgio Cazzaniga & Michele Cazzaniga

4 vertical legs, 1 horizontal surface capable of maintaining perfect tension up to 4 metres in length, guaranteeing the table perfect flatness and lightness, in just 35 mm thickness. 12 material finishes emphasise the uniqueness of materials that can convey unique tactile emotions.

WOOD: different grain combinations, different colour tones and unique emotions to the touch.
Tense Material is available in three different woods: natural oak, carbonized oak and national walnut.

STONE & MARBLE: resistance and uniqueness of raw materials.
Reconstituted stone reproduces the sedimentation process of river stones and allows for a natural, polished surface. Reconstructed stone white Calce and black slate, obtained from a mineral mixture of marble and quartz, are applied manually over the entire surface of the table, creating unique shades. Tense Material in the marble finish is made from marble powder that is mixed with a binder and spread manually over the entire table top. 

BRASS: refined, elegant, timeless. Tense Material's brass finish brings to mind the antique decorative styles that were often used in the past.

DIAMOND: colour and depth. Tense Diamond is reminiscent of the ancient Chinese lacquer technique. The colour, applied by hand, is rich in shadows while the surface is smooth and shiny.

INTARSIA: this particular finish is made from marble powder that is spread manually over the entire surface of the table. After careful polishing, an inlay is created, which follows the dictates of Kandinsky's famous "point-line-surface" theory.

Product description
Table with mono-material finishes:
- Wood: natural oak, carbonized oak and national walnut.
- Reconstituted stone: white Calce and black slate and Pietra di Savoia;
- Reconstructed marble: Carrara white and Ebony black;
- Brass;
- Diamond (glossy red);
- Intarsia: bronze and Carrara white.

Today Tense Material is offered in:
- 5 heights (H35, H45, H73, H90, H110)
- 36 dimensions
- 12 finishes
- more than 170 typologies
- about 1584 variants
- 1 single thickness of 35 mm.
Product name

Tense Material


Piergiorgio Cazzaniga & Michele Cazzaniga



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