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Fantoni Random

Random amazes us with its fresh and captivating character: a wall or ceiling sound-absorbing system that has 3 different types of slats whose staggered milling gives dynamism to the surfaces.

With Random, which joins the 4akustik®range, you will no longer have to give up acoustic comfort for aesthetic reasons. It is a sound-absorbing system that can be used on the wall and ceiling, consisting of laminated, lacquered or veneered MDF slats. This modular system, in fact, is equipped with three types of offset slats that, in addition to offering excellent sound absorption and reduction of reverb, thanks to the perfect workability of the slats, It responds to different design needs giving shape to avant-garde environments in the name of design and sustainability.

Random Fantoni
Random Fantoni
Random Fantoni
Random Fantoni
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