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Hub Fantoni

It is no surprise that the demands regarding our working spaces have become more flexible, hybrid, ready to change and adapt to different functions, numbers of people, roles and need of socialization.

Hub promotes informal communication, the possibility to change places and rearrange spaces, and to meet and discuss with people in different ways to suit the occasion. Hub gives us free rein to personalise our workspace. The ultimate modular system, whose perfect geometric structure was developed so that its frame can be used to form independent workstations or multiple arrangements. Hub is sculptural and contemporary; it offers natural finishes for the top plus the radical solution of ISB chipboard. It also embraces the fashion world through a tweed decorative motif. Hub uses fabrics in intense colours, while the black or white frame contributes to cool or elegant locations and facilitates bold combinations. Hub connects, but it also creates island workstations when privacy is required. The collection expands to include a system of three self-standing partitions which also serve as storage containers.

Designed by
Matteo Ragni design studio
Hub Fantoni
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The Hub project arose from a real need to recreate a physical and mental space within a workplace inhabited by different people. A space that was open and fostered sharing and an exchange of ideas, yet also a place for reflection and individual work. A kind of wall-less box to facilitate the osmotic dimension of relating with spaces and people. A relationship-oriented workstation which can be personalised and rearranged to meet individual needs, the direct descendant of the Abitacolo combi-bed that Bruno Munari first dreamt up to combine the different activities in a teenager’s day and map out the space for each one: rest/play/study/relationships. From the use of a simple, large, square table, the idea arose to create a “four-poster” table, a mini-loft where we could work, rest and feed on ideas, relations and good food; in a nutshell, experience a space. And so this small, cubic world measuring just 160 cm becomes an ideal venue for our relationships and all that they require. Matteo Ragni