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Mini phone booth

Category: Desks and workstations

Mini phone booth Fantoni

Comfortable phone booth with a self-supporting structure that can be moved even after assembly. Comprising two blank walls, the interior is lined with a 4akustik sound absorption system.

Mini is a comfortable and well-lit phone booth (100 x 100 x H228 cm) comprising two blank walls, one fixed glass side and one with a door, the interior is lined with a 4akustik sound absorption system, while the exterior can be covered in melamine facing or fabric. Mini is supplied complete with flooring, ventilation system, table and integrated LED ceiling lights, and is prepared ready for the installation of electric sockets. This is a solution that will integrate easily into existing layouts, to create harmonious connection spaces, increasingly at the service of working people. As part of the Acoustic Room range, it contributes to the creation of new architectural landscapes, making for more dynamic workspaces and balancing private areas with collaborative spaces.

phone booth
phone booth Fantoni
phone booth Fantoni
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