Calipso collection, design Ilaria Marelli

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Calipso collection, design Ilaria Marelli

Elegant and minimal, Calipso is the result of thorough compositional and stylistic research, seeking not just a new modularity and expressiveness for furniture, but also a new dimension of wellbeing capable of creating ‘made-to-measure’ settings.

Calipso collection, design Ilaria Marelli

Calipso is offered in three different modules, each of which consists of a base made with natural teak slats, in varying sizes. The aluminium frame is particularly discreet, so much so that the lounge seats appear to be ‘floating’. The soft cushions are available in three sizes and are ‘free’ of the base they rest on, which is larger than the cushions themselves in order to allow the utmost freedom in positioning each element, according to need.

Calipso offers a new way to enjoy outdoor living with quality, flexibility, style and comfort, effortlessly meeting the needs of residential spaces as well as the more sophisticated requirements of contract and hotel settings.

Designed by
Ilaria Marelli
Calipso collection - Ilaria Marelli