Nodi collection, design Paola Navone

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Ethimo - Punto croce rug, design Paola Navone

With the new collection of rugs Nodi, Ethimo and Paola Navone present soft elegant surfaces that recreate outdoors the same intimacy and comfort of rooms inside the home.

Ethimo - Rete, Rug collection
Ethimo - Punto croce, Rug collection
Ethimo - Camouflage, Rug collection
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In a perfect balance of original style and performing materials, Rete, Punto croce and Camouflage, composing the collection Nodi, can ‘pick out’ an area, create a space, bring ideal definition to an environment or enhance a display, lending a sense of quality and beauty.

Skilfully hand woven, using macro yarns that, thanks to a special treatment, produce a soft ‘warm’ woolly effect, Rete, Punto croce and Camouflage, whose name hints at their characteristic weave, blend different, refined colour shades, that goes perfectly with any environment. Functional, versatile and hugely decorative, these rugs are designed to be resistant to the elements and UV rays, ensuring long durability and robustness.

Chilling, lounging and dining areas in the garden, on terraces or balconies and in other outdoor spaces are thus transformed into increasingly more complete, harmonious, welcoming habitats.

Designed by
Paola Navone
Rete, Punto croce, Camouflage - Paola Navone