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Category: Accessories

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L'INSOLENT - Dinner fork

Similar to jewellery-making, the manufacture of these pieces requires particular care and attention, meticulousness to detail and time-honoured expertise. From the sophisticated setting of a richly decorated table to the elegance of an understated décor, l'Insolent’s blend of originality and gracefulness will always be noticed.

It appeals to sophisticated clients who know how to appreciate the delicate work of the silversmith. This original and exquisite silverware will add a highly personal touch to the refined effect of a richly decorated table set in the elegance of a sober interior. L’Insolent will continue to attract attention...

L’Insolent was inspired by the Italian Renaissance. The brightly-coloured handles are adorned with a sterling silver overlay featuring simple, elegant arabesques.

Category : Prestige
Material: Sterling Silver
Collection: L'insolent
L 21 cm
Color: Blue