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Arena Keramik Bond

Collection: Collezione 2023

Category: Tables and coffee tables

Arena Keramik Bond Cattelan Italia

Arena Keramik Bond - Brushed Bronze base and matt Portoro ceramic top

The latest addition to the Arena family of coffee tables, the ceramic-top version Arena Keramik Bond masterfully balances the finest finishes of the Cattelan Italia coffee table collection.

Unlike the previous models, in Brushed finish, the main top of this coffee table is made of charming marble-effect ceramic and complemented by a round side table in smoked swivel glass supported by an elegant free-standing column in Brushed finish.

This composition of volumes, heights and finishes completes a modern designer living room by emphasising both the elegance of the materials and the simplicity of the forms. The coffee table has a simple design, enhanced by high-quality and refined finishes, in an eclectic symphony of modern and nature-inspired materials that is harmonious and fluid.

The designer has thought of every detail for a result with a strong aesthetic impact, which at the same time does not neglect the functionality of a spacious table top. The ceramic top can be customised, choosing from a variety of nuances from the most delicate to the brightest, with marble-effect veining. While the revolving round glass coffee table, which is flanked by the main table top, creates a multi-layered composition, adding dynamism to a room furnished with understated elegance, in which the Arena Keramik Bond becomes the centrepiece.

In addition to these ceramic coffee table variants, the Arena family consists of the models: Arena, Arena Bond and Arena Double Bond, or the elongated model Arena Long, also available in Arena Long Bond.

Arena Keramik Bond Cattelan Italia

Arena Keramik Bond - matt Portoro ceramic top and fumè glass

Arena Keramik Bond Cattelan Italia

Arena Keramik Bond - Brushed Bronze base

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Arena Keramik Bond Cattelan Italia
Product description
Coffee table with base in black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel. Top in ceramic Marmi matt Golden Calacatta (KM05), glossy Golden Calacatta (KM06), matt Portoro (KM07), glossy Portoro (KM08), Breccia (KM12), Corcovado (KM14), Kaindy (KM16), matt Borghini Calacatta (KM18) or glossy Borghini Calacatta (KM19). Main coffee table is sided by one coffee table with base in black (GFM73) embossed lacquered steel, column in Brushed Bronze or Brushed Grey lacquered steel and swivelling fumé beveled glass top.
Arena Keramik Bond Cattelan Italia
Product name

Arena Keramik Bond


Yasuhiro Shito


Steel, Ceramic, Crystal





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