Electrical appliances

Designer appliances are an evolution of the concept of traditional home appliances, since they not only perform their main function, but also become furnishings and enhance the design of the interior where they are placed. From ovens to refrigerators, each appliance displays clean, modern lines. Advanced features and high performance ensure a more user-friendly experience than traditional models.


In line with the research into minimalist furnishings, many ovens of the latest generation can do without a handle. They open automatically, with an intelligent sensor that recognizes a possible interaction and activates the door. In addition to their elegant styling, designer ovens also incorporate cooking sensors and WiFi connectivity to cook everything to perfection, in ways that can be personalized to suit the needs of each user. Many ovens have a built-in touch display to select the functions simply and intuitively and access programmed recipes. 

Built-in ovens

Among the most popular choices we certainly find built-in ovens, flush fitted in the kitchen cabinets. This type of oven is designed to be inserted inside the structure at eye level or any desired height. 


Modern refrigerators, available in different sizes, ranging from compact refrigerators to large-capacity models, are a guarantee in terms of performance, quietness and energy saving. The system is designed to adjust the temperature to suit the quantity of food they contain and keep a constant temperature even when the door is opened frequently. Many solutions include a connection to the home network to be able to verify their correct operation by app and send a notification if problems are detected. The pluses include the possibility of inserting a cold water or ice cube dispenser in the structure. 

Built-in refrigerators

The built-in refrigerator is synonymous with elegance and is usually the choice of all who want a clean and linear style. In addition to its aesthetic advantages, it is also the perfect way to optimize space while ensuring a harmonious appearance. 


Modern microwave ovens can heat, cook and defrost food quickly and efficiently. They come equipped with preset cooking functions to turn out perfect dishes at a single touch. They also offer automatic defrosting, using a food weighing system to determine the ideal time.

Induction hobs

Induction hobs are an increasingly popular choice in the kitchen world. Compared to traditional cookers, an induction hob works by creating an electromagnetic field that directly heats the pot, with a considerable advantage in terms of energy consumption. An induction hob can include a built-in extractor fan that totally eliminates odors during cooking, and always remains extremely silent even at maximum power.

Cooker hoods

The latest generation cooker hoods can be controlled remotely from the app, with touch control to set different speeds and an adjustable LED lighting panel. The evolution of these products includes their aesthetics: from simple functional objects they become an integral part of a refined and elegant interior design. 

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