Ratio 874 Plus

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Ratio 874 Plus

Ergonomic and user-friendly, in total black.

Glossy total black surfaces adorned with bright serigraphs that disappear when the hob is turned off. Simple and precise touch control. A subtle and elegant look that complements any kitchen style and decor. Ratio 874 Plus is a model in the new Elica Ratio hob line, a range designed to cater to all needs and spaces: from 30, 60, 80 up to the brand-new slim version of 87 cm, this line offers the ideal solution for small kitchen nooks, open-concept spaces, and even larger, well-appointed kitchens.

Ratio 874 Plus stands out for its essential aesthetics, along with its wide selection of smart and automatic features. Options that allow you to monitor every stage of cooking and achieve chef-worthy results. Nothing escapes its control, thanks to its practical touch controls that make your cooking experience simple and rewarding: specific indicators show the power settings, timers, and all features.

With a simple touch of the Cooking Flow key, the cooking zone detects the presence of cookware, automatically activating the correct power setting. It takes just a simple tap to pause all functions or, if you like, to enable the "key lock" to keep litle ones safe.

Ratio 874 Plus

Thanks to the special sensors, you can control the heat like a professional chef. The Melting, Warming and Simmering functions - ideal for melting, warming and simmering, allow you to consistently achieve perfect results, also when it comes to low and slow cooking. You can finally say good bye to burnt food sticking to the bottom of the pan, never-ending stirring, and liquid boiling over. And that's not all: your pot of water for pasta will come to a boil in just a few minutes and frying oil will quickly reach the right temperature: all thanks to the Fast-Boiling feature which gives a turbo power boost to the cooking zone. If you need to use larger cookware and one cooking zone is not enough, Ratio 874 Plus doubles in size: the Bridge feature allows you to combine two adjacent cooking zones.

Whether hosting a large dinner party or enjoying a casual family meal, you can rely on Ratio induction hobs to help you bring flavour, lightness and simplicity to the table.

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