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ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets

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ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets

ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets are an innovative way to take care of wine collections and the closest thing to a fully equipped traditional wine cellar but one that can be put anywhere. They use cutting-edge design and technology to take care of wine.

Smart wine cellar is personal sommelier.

As truly smart products, ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets use cutting-edge design and technology to take care of wine. They provide perfect light conditions, UV light protection, humidity monitoring, and they are vibration-free. As fully connected devices with various software functions, they also include a camera, mobile Connect Life app and connection to the Vivino database. All this helps make caring for and managing a wine collection easier while providing quick and easy access to all necessary and accurate inventory information. The user interface is equipped with a camera, that can identify individual bottles using the Vivino database that includes 12,000,000 different wines. After scanning and identification, the wine can be added to the inventory, along with its most important information. Information regarding tasting, storage, readiness to drink and much more can be accessed immediately. 

The ownership experience is enhanced by the companion Connect Life app that makes all the functionalities of the wine climate cabinet available via smartphone – this means chang-ing selected settings on the wine cabinet or searching through the inventory can be conve-niently done on the move. The mobile app can also be used to scan wines and add them to the inventory. 

Connecting the companion app to the Vivino database puts a world of infor¬mation at your fingertips. It is your virtual sommelier that is always ready with a wide range of expert advice. 

ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets are available in four different variants. The freestanding Wine Climate Cabinet can hold a large col¬lection – up to 190 bottles – in the right conditions for storing and serving. It contains three distinct temperature zones for different types of wine, each of which can be individually controlled as they are perfectly sealed off from one another. The Wine Aging Cabinet acts either as a companion to the Wine Climate Cabinet or as a standalone piece. In it, up to 261 bottles of wine can be kept in the perfect condi¬tions for long-term storage, in a way which protects them and lets their flavours and com¬plexities develop. 

The ASKO Compact Undercounter models are designed with one zone or two. They effortlessly integrate with any space and feature a handle-free door with a ‘push to open’ function, which is easy to use and delivers an elegant, seamless finish. The one zone Un-dercounter Wine Climate Cabinet can hold up to 44 bottles, while the two zones hold up to 38 bottles.

ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets are ideal for use in modern apartments, where they can be combined with bookshelves for a truly cultured look, while the undercounter models allow it to effortlessly blend in under kitchen counters. 

 ASKO Compact Undercounter
ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets
ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets
ASKO Wine Climate Cabinets
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