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ASKO Elevate Hood-in-Hob

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ASKO Elevate Hood-in-Hob

Clean air, peace and quiet, a clear view in kitchen. ASKO Elevate Hood-in-Hob is uniquely designed to create delicious food from a completely new perspective by blending innovative cookery technology and user-friendly design.

With its superior, near silent performance, automatic extraction tower, advanced induction hob and smart Celsius°Cooking™ system, ASKO Elevate is the complete hood-in-hob solution. 

What really lifts Elevate above the rest is its user-friendly design: the automatic extraction tower which, instead of taking up precious kitchen space, takes pride of place in the centre of the induction surface – closer to the culinary action. When activated, the extraction tower automatically rises from the centre of the hob and quietly gets to work – it can also be used “flat” when preparing dishes that produce less steam and odours. The extraction tower features five different extraction levels plus automatic and manual clean air functions.

By removing the extractor from the wall or ceiling, ASKO Elevate Hood-in-Hob lets you view the kitchen from a completely new perspective – a blank canvas where anything is possible. 

 ASKO Elevate Hood-in-Hob
 ASKO Elevate Hood-in-Hob
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