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The Venetian tradition was the great guiding light for the path travelled by the Lucatello family many years ago, starting with a company specialised in glasswork which today has become an industrial group specialised in the high-end furniture sector and the development of renewable sources.

Industrial crystal, a material fascinating in its simplicity, has been enriched, has evolved and has been embellished with new shapes and colours that look back to the inexhaustible Venetian artisan heritage, creating a unique product in its genre.

Reflex is at the very top of the line in terms of the production of furniture in solid Murano glass.

In the 2000s, the genius and vision of Luciano Lucatello led him to understand that the renewable sources sector would be a step forward to expand the business capabilities and growth of the company. He established Reflex Solare in 2008, and in just a few years concluded an international agreement in Asia to build the world’s first thermodynamic installation in the sector using molten salt and parabolic mirrors.

The Reflex S.p.a. group is managed by the Lucatello Family, which has always maintained a powerful combination of both industry and craftsmanship.

“We are industrialists when it comes to processes, but artisans when it comes to details and quality”
Capsule Ada - Cubitum 72

Capsule Ada - Dining room

Capsule Ada - Adone sofa

Capsule Ada - Living room

Capsule Bea - Segno 72

Capsule Bea - Dining room

Capsule Bea - Stratum sofa

Capsule Bea - Living room

Capsule Cloe - Esse 72

Capsule Cloe - Dining room

Capsule Cloe - Segno chaise longue sofa

Capsule Cloe - Living room

Capsule Dalia - Signore degli anelli 72 steel

Capsule Dalia - Dining room

Capsule Dalia - Segno lounge

Capsule Dalia - Living room

Capsule Eletta - Quartz 72

Capsule Eletta - Dining room

Capsule Frida - Petalo 72

Capsule Eletta - Dining room

Capsule Frida - GranTurismo sofa

Capsule Eletta - Living room

Capsule Giuli - Oh bed XL

Capsule Giuli - Bed room

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