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Milady chair, Esse 72

The Milady chair, designed by Marco Cocco in 2007, is part of the iconic Reflex products that for several years we have seen in different houses around the world, thanks to the timeless design capable of overcoming the fashions and trends of the moment. Designed from a natural inspiration as an organic shell, it is enriched with the internal quilting that enhances the minimal design of the chair itself.  For the Super Salone edition, the Milady chair becomes Super Milady; with a new finish that recalls the shiny black car bodies and with a quilting color with a strong chromatic contrast.

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Scheda tecnica - Milady
Product description

Chair in polypropylene. Shell and legs in Bronze finish. Lacquered in satin metal finishes or lacquered with standard colours. Padded seat upholstered in leather with Emerald quilting and matching piping.
Scheda tecnica - Milady
Product name

Milady sedia


Marco Cocco

57 x 57 x 83 h