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System 01 composition 9, Stratum sofa, Bulles XL abatjour

It is the first Reflex modular wall system, where wall boiseries, shelves and containers are integrated. Several products united in a single system composed of bookcase, home office TV and container. The various modularities in height and width allow design and compositional freedom. The System01 can be wall-mounted boiseries, boiseries with shelves, integrated home office TV boiseries and boiseries with containers. Composed of an adjustable foldaway aluminum structure with patented mounts, it has a hidden lighting at the top that illuminates the wall upwards. The glass shelves are one of the distinctive features that outline distinctive contemporary features.

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Scheda tecnica - System 01
Product description

Modular wall system with a combination of boiseries, shelves and storage units. Each element includes an adjustable concealed aluminium structure with patented couplings.
Scheda tecnica - System 01
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System 01



Boiserie panels L max 600

Standard and cutomize composition for the client