MO bakery total grey

Russel Ashdown, creative director of LOVE, shares his thoughts in an article on ICON that investigates the possibility of spaces of being designed to trigger specific emotions, going beyond their feasible “instagrammability”


“What if more brand spaces were designed to trigger specific emotions, such as hope? Or a sense of calm, intrigue, wonder? This is how deep-rooted memories are activated or created. And isn’t that what all brands want, to be remembered? Too often, brand spaces, whether retail, visitor experiences or experiential one-offs, neglect to move people in that way. They focus too much on the product or the practicalities, or just the ‘insta-moment’ in the here and now. It is such an opportunity missed, because spatial designers can literally build memories, whether reviving old or creating new ones” - read here the full article.

Magazine: ICON 
Country: UK 
Date: 5 ottobre 2022  
Article: What if brand experiences were designed to trigger emotions? 
Author: Russell Ashdown 
Photo: Masquespacio's "total grey" bakery - MO bakery and coffeehouse in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia, courtesy Masquespacio 

4 November 2022